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Authorized Sport Court® CourtBuilder™.

Sport Court pioneered the backyard court. Owner, Mark started out in Arlington, Texas in 1988-1989. He worked for a plastics company in Grand Prairie, Texas. We had sample of Sport Court surfacing in our offices and he was really interested in the product so he called their corporate office in Salt Lake City. Sport Court was family owned at the time, and was told for $250, they would send him a dealer kit. The rest is history.
Some career highlights:
  • 30 year licensed dealer and certified installer
  • Over 10,000 courts built
  • Over 100 years of combined experience in court building
  • Official Court builder of the Dallas Mavericks Foundation, Indoor and Outdoor
  • Official Court builder for Nancy Lieberman Charities “Dream Court.” We have constructed and installed 31 courts in Oklahoma and North Texas.
  • Most recent was for the City of Moore, Oklahoma and Toby Keith
  • Court builder partner for Dallas Stars Foundation and Tyler Seguin Foundation
  • Court builder partner for FC Dallas Soccer

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Let Us Make Your Experience — and Court — the Very Best

Our parent company may be the world's largest court builder, but at Sport Court North Texas we still give you hometown service. Our team is committed to quality. We'll be there from start to finish to get your indoor or outdoor court done right. We use the same flooring for family courts as professional sport teams:

  • We are committed to providing customer service and project coordination from court design to installation to maintenance.
  • Custom design experts help you design a court that fits your athletic needs and color palette. 
  • Sport Court game courts are made with professional-grade materials and construction processes.
  • Our CourtBuilders are certified by Sport Court and ASBA. 
  • Every court comes with a 15-year warranty on surfaces and components.
  • Products are independently tested for quality and performance.